Jesus Rebukes Peter Sword

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Jesus Rebukes Peter Sword. Because of the closeness he felt to christ, peter could not humanly accept the fact that christ would have to die. Sword drills for jesus sharply rebukes his disciples.

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Then said jesus to him, put up again your sword into his place: (or saint peter.) one of christ's disciples. In john's gospel we read, put your sword away!

Simon peter then, having a sword, drew it and struck the high priest’s slave, and cut off his right ear;

The message of jesus was and is that the worlds paradigm is not god's. Yet peter did not fully know what he was saying when he first declared that jesus is the messiah — the son of david who builds god’s house (2 sam. Another example of this is found in john 13:27. Jesus rebukes peter, heals malchus’ ear and quietly submits, knowing that in the end, god’s will must be done.