Cat Intestinal Blockage Treatment

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Cat Intestinal Blockage Treatment. To make a long story short, in spite of treatment, a most careful diet, etc, this poor cat eventually died of lymphoma. It is a fairly common condition to which cats are susceptible.

Bowel Obstruction In Dogs Dogs, Dog cat, I love dogs
Bowel Obstruction In Dogs Dogs, Dog cat, I love dogs from

In yumak’s case, the blockage was complete. When you arrive at the hospital, the doctors will first work to stabilize you so that you can undergo treatment. Many blockages will open up on their own with supportive care.

Treatment as ileus is the result of some other underlying disease, treating the underlying cause is of utmost importance for resolution of this problem.

Benign tumors can still cause issues in the intestinal tract, including blockage, and may require removal. Blockages can develop anywhere in the small or large intestine and may be partial or complete. Treatment for intestinal obstruction depends on the cause of your condition, but generally requires hospitalization. A common type of blockage is called fecal impaction.