Cat Herpes Eyes Treatment

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Cat Herpes Eyes Treatment. I have been using hot wet compresses with a combination of bentonite clay, turmeric powder, colloidal silver. But it can't be passed to humans or other animals.

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Tips from cat sitters on treating feline herpes what began as a research about feline herpes treatment with colloidal silver, became an obsession about making colloidal silver. Cat flu is a severe upper respiratory disease that affects their eyes, ears, throat, mouth, and also causes tonsil infections. Cats suffering from feline herpes may also be dehydrated.

If your cat becomes sniffly or starts sneezing, please contact us about his/her eyes.

Whilst antibiotics don’t kill the virus, they do help the beleaguered cat with a secondary chest infection.likewise, inflamed eyes are more vulnerable to infection so antibiotic eye drops can help. A cat with eye infection but no congenital deformity or injury would be diagnosed with ocular herpes and treated accordingly. Those who are under heavy stress. Known as feline herpesviral rhinotracheitis, an affected cat exhibits fever, nasal discharge, sneezing, drooling, enlarged lymph nodes and an eye infection.